Homes for Rent Made Easy.

Still searching Zillow & Craigslist for rentals? Let me show you WAY more options.

Rent Any Home You Find

Mosier Realty Group has relationships with landlords looking for both new tenants, and new properties.

With this solution, you'll find a home that's for sale, we buy it, and then our investors will rent it to you.

That means you can pick a home you'd like to rent right off the MLS.
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How Does Our Rent to Own Work?

If you can't find a home to rent in Lakeville or the surrounding locations, we might have a way to let you rent a home that's for sale.
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Choose a Home for Sale You'd Like to Rent

We'll provide you with some parameters and constraints, and then you search for a home that's just right for you and your living requirements.

You can pick a single family, town home, or a number of other types that fit our criteria.

We Purchase the Home

Once you find a home that you love and fits our criteria, we buy it.

We represent private investors that love rental property, and they have cash ready to buy the home you're going to rent. They've decided that real estate is a better investment than bonds, so they're eager to invest.

You Rent the Home

Now we put a lease agreement together and you rent it.

It's that easy!